SparkNode’s Top-Tier Technology

Self-owned Datacenters. Redundant networks. Innovative software.


Sparknode is a true cloud system with self-healing and automatic failover.

The Sparknode architecture is designed to optimize cloud scalability and resilience, while enabling intuitive control over cloud resources and straightforward integration with third party apps via a control panel and open API.

Control Panel

The Sparknode Control Panel gives you intuitive control over every aspect of your cloud, from billing and user management to network and system admin.

Virtual machine templates

Virtual machines in Sparknode are built from templates. These are fully pre-configured and customizable operating system environments that reduce the time, cost and complexity of cloud service delivery.

Sparknode has a template library with 100s of images for multiple flavours of Linux, Unix and Windows, both 32- and 64-bit.

Deployment & support

We help hosts make the best possible transition to cloud hosting.

Our experienced cloud hosting team will support you before, during and after implementation with free technical support, implementation support and cloud hosting business model advice.

Network configuration

Sparknode transforms your server and storage hardware into a virtual network system, using hypervisors to control virtual protocols and security. With this infrastructure in place, you can host a multitude of secure cloud servers with fluidity and control.

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